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"Karkat--" you reached out your hand to touch the hot headed troll's shoulder in the cold area. He let put a whiny breath and you watched the foggy white gas rise in the air. "I told you not to anger Todd-" you said awkwardly. On the other side of you, a blonde haired boy wearing a green safari outfit was smiling half-evily at Karkat with a dripping bowl in his hands. Karkat, meanwhile, was soaked in melted grape jelly.

"Make fun of my viviosaurs, hm?" Todd sneered.


"Great job Todd." You whined, running after the troll into the big blue building. Well, after running out if hit spring heights like an idiot and tripping after a fossil rock. How did you get here again? Oh yeah, Aradia is participating in a cup or something. All of the trolls came, but your group was you, Karkat, and Nepeta. But she was busy sleeping on the couch in the lobby of the big building. Probably sleeping from the cold, you assumed.

You looked around, wiping off your forehead due to the sudden heat. Karkat was sobbing in the corner, and you saw the red tears hit the floor. Biting your lip, you walked over to him and once again laid you palm on his shoulder before giving it a gentle squeeze.

"You ok?" You smiled down at him.

"NO." He squeaked. Nepeta stretched and yawned, walking over next to you.

"What's going on ___?" She blinked.

"Todd-" you started before the cat troll interrupted you.

"Don't worry Karkitty. We can go have lunch. I packed you peanut butter and je-"

"FUUUUUUCK!" he yelped, sobbing more.

"Lly." Nepeta finished the word.

"Todd isn't being a friendly tour guide." You sighed, hugging Karkat. "Its fine Karkat, no one saw."

"THAT DOESNT SAVE ME FROM LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING IDIOT." He wailed. You were about to say something else but you saw Nepeta knocked out on the floor. Before you knew it, you were knocked out too.

You woke up inside of a dark and really gloomy cave. It almost felt as if you were in Nepeta's hive but... different. Your eyes gazed to the side and met...Eridans?

"AHH!" you jolted your body backwards and accidentally hit Nepeta's jaw, and she let out a pained hiss.

"Hello ___." Eridan smiled grimly. "Funny seein you here, eh?"

"What are you doing here? What is Nepeta doing here? Why am I here?!" you yelled, crossing your arms.

"Okay wwell im just gonna sum this up. I dont wwant to be here; an these wweird bony guys found me soooo, im wworkin for them."

"...Bony guys?" you and Nepeta said simultaneously.

"You bet your bottom dollar, toots." a voice ran through the area and a... interestingly dressed boy stepped out from the shadows, a hand on his hip.

"Hipster." you heard Nepeta whisper immediately. Well, that outfit said so and-

"Eridan here is my servant. Er, 'partner'. Now Eridan, be a dear and take care of the cat and other human, alright?  I have a yacht rock concert to get too." the boy sneered and walked off. Yup. Hipster.

"That wwas Cole. Noww, I really dont wwanna be rude, so you twwo wwill stay here until the end of the cup, alright?"

"B-But, Aradia!" you half-gasped.

"Wwho the fuck HONESTLY cares about her?"

Boy, that stung. You didn't know whether it was the fact that Aradia is your moirail, or that you actually liked her.

"Me?" you said with a questioning tone.

"Yeah, an that's great an all, but seriously, ___. Stay here." he scowled, flipping his scarf over his shoulder.

"Right." you snorted, standing up behind the sea dweller. You stayed quiet as you desperately tried remembering what Feferi tought you. Clasp hands together in a fist and...WHACK? Or was it BAM? Oh well, doesn't matter. You clasped your hands together in a fist and WHOP! That was it-- hit Eridan over the head and watched with amusement as he fell. Motioning for Nepeta to follow, you ran out of the cave and into Rainbow Canyon. Darn, wrong place, wrong ISLAND! Cranial Isle, whyyyy?

Sollux and Aradia were over in another area, Sollux stacking brightly colored fossil rocks on one another as Aradia dusted one off. You looked at Nepeta and she nodded, so the two of you walked over to the trolls.

"Hey Sollux, hey Aradia!" you chirped.

"Oh. Hello ___, hello Nepeta. I thought you all were on Ilium Island?" Aradia tilted her head after hugging you.

"Then Eridan kitnapped us. Weird, huh?" Nepeta purred.

"Why would he-"

"We don't know." you made a face.

"Hey! Heeeeey!" you looked over your shoulder and saw Todd running over to you. "Where did you guys go?"

"Eridan kidnapped us." you sighed, beginning to get a headache. "Can we just... go to the Cranial Isle center and SLEEP?" the sky was a sparkling midnight blue.

"Yeah sure, Karkat's napping. He took a shower thanks to a Paki someone showed off." Todd chuckled. "But he wants to see you, ___. Nepeta can sleep." Nepeta's face lit up at the sound of rest and you blinked.

"Whatever he says goes, as long as he doesn't murder me." you shrugged and Aradia giggled.

"Alright. I'll see you all tomorrow, that's my round two match. Bye __!" the two of you waved and you walked back through the canyon to the Cranial Isle center.

"___!" Karkat greeted shyly, waving from the stairwell he was sitting on.

"Karkat!" you walked over and sat next to him as Nepeta and Todd went to the room the four of you rented out. "You'll never guess what just happened..."

After explaining the kidnapping and the knocking out of senor-hipster fish, Karkat actually chuckled. You never heard him chuckle. Wait, you never heard him be this happy.

"You alright?" you smiled.


"Well, that makes three things that like you."


"Nepeta's one...and..." ooop. You pretended to fall asleep with your head on his lap. You could feel his leg muscles tense up and he awkwardly stroked your hair.

"ALL RIGHT THEN ___. SURE, SLEEP. LET'S JUST GET YOU TO THE ROOM FIRST." somehow Karkat dragged you down the stairs (or maybe he took the elevator, we may never know.) and into the room. Why can you tell? You woke up in a comfy bed, right next to Karkat. Is it just you, or is your face redder then usual?


Ah yes, the red face. Always a hated part of our lives merely because of the fact it means we are either

A) Embarrassed
B) Blushing
C) Crying
Or D) A and B because C isn't always true

Quick, quick! Be smart and-
You rolled right outta that bed and onto the floor with a WHUMP!

"JELLY---" Karkat looked up from under the covers and groaned, wiping his eyes.

Todd, though still sleeping, let out a weak grumble and tossed around a bit.

"WHERE IS NEPETA?" Karkat looked around and threw a now balled up napkin across the room at Todd. "AND WAKE UP."

"Owwwwwies." Todd pouted and sat up with a sigh. "She was next to me when I fell asleep..." he murmured.


"...what if someone killed them?"

"AND WHO THE FUCK WOULD- SHIT THEY BETTER NOT BE AT RAINBOW CANYON AGAIN!" Karkat, seemingly more flustered than Todd, ran out of the room and slammed the door.

"Oh, there you are Nepeta!" Todd chirped, holding out his hand and lifting Nepeta onto the bed. Apparently she slept on the floor?

"Hi Todd." she stretched, making a small purr.

"___! Why are you on the floor too?" Todd hoped off the bed and lifted you up from the ground, which you answered with a groan.

"Tired..." you grumbled.

"I feel mew." Nepeta chuckled lightly.

"Man, you guys are real sleepyheads aren't you? I thought I was bad."  the three of you chuckled.

"Hey, Karkat left!" you blinked, looking at the door. "Uhm, shouldn't we get him?" you suggested. Todd puffed up his cheeks defiantly and let out a huge groan, bending over and holding his stomach.

"OWWW! Gee ___, I'd g-go but my stomach hurts! It must be...that moldy chicken salad I ate last night! Yeah, owwww. Go with Nepeta, I'll catch you up later..." he sat on the bed and with a sigh, you and Nepeta left the room.

"I didn't even see him eat 'moldy chicken salad' last night." Nepeta grumbled.

"You were asleep."


As you two left the main building and went onto scenic Cranial Isle, a scene was happening. Nepeta pulled you to the crowd as a giant floating TV landed in front of everyone. This weird skeletal guy was cawing about how he got a giant boulder and blocked the path to both Mt.Krakanak AND Rainbow Canyon! Worry flooded over you and you really wanted to help. This girl with light ginger hair and a boy with spiky white hair said that they would go and take care of the boulder at Mt.Krakanak.  

"WHAT ABOUT RAINBOW CANYON?!" you hissed loudly and people turned to you. More embarrassment, yeah! You let out a pained squeak and looked at your shoes. You felt like crying...

"I'll help! After all, someone as pretty and talented as myself must help some people with uh...rock problems!" A tribal looking girl with a downright creepy looking mask stepped forward to you and Nepeta, her hands popped on her hips. Sollux and Feferi, almost begrudgingly, walked aside her. Obviously her 'tourees' or something. "I'm Pauleen! Now c'mon! Let's get that rock!"

~*~Two Minutes Later~*~

"Wow that's big." Pauleen said awkwardly.

"You think?" Sollux hissed, kicking it.

"Sollux, you're going to hurt yourself!" Feferi frowned and he stopped, blushing light yellow.

"Well, you two, Sollerm and Feforeita, go back to the hotel, I got this." Pauleen waved her hand in the air and brought out a pickax, which made Sollux and Feferi gasp lightly and run off. You and Nepeta, however, stepped back as Pauleen started whamming the ax down on the rock with a growl.

About ten minutes later the rock was low enough for you and Nepeta to hop over it.

"Im heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!" Todd ran up behind you with a pant. "I. Am. AAAAAAH PAULEEEEEEEEEEN!" he shrieked and clung to Nepeta with a whimper. "CREEPY SCARY PROBABLY UGLY TRIBAL LADY!" Nepeta made a face and shoved him off with a groan.

"I AM BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" she hissed at Todd and slapped him, stalking off. You and Nepeta were already behind the rock, so you motioned for Todd to come along as you ran full speed to the cave you woke up in.

"Karkaaaaat?" You called worriedly.


"Weird short guy?" You and Nepeta leered at Todd.

"FUCKING HELP ME!" Karkat answered from behind you, and you all turned around to see him being looted away by members of what you now recognized as the Bare Bones Brigade.

"Oh god..." Todd breathed, frowning. "Not those loons..."

"I GOT YOU KARKAAAAAAT!" You let out some deranged war cry and pounced on one of the BB Brigade members  slamming him down onto the hard ground. Nepeta let out a hiss and launched herself onto the other lackey and Todd awkwardly caught Karkat as he fell. You relied on the good ol' WHOP on the lackey's heads and took Karkat yourself, untying the rope that the writer is just now mentioning. "You ok now buddy?" you smiled weakly and Karkat's face went red.

"YEAH SURE I GUESS." he mumbled, standing up and dusting his pants off. "BETTER THAN WORSE. THANKS FOR SAVING ME."

"No problem." Todd chuckled before blinking. "Hey! Aradia's match is already over!" he sighed, looking across the canyon. The top of the stadium could be seen, and the giant TV screen showed Aradia jumping up and down enthusiastically as 'WIN' scrolled across the screen.

"She won!" you chirped, smiling. Before you knew it, Karkat's hand quickly slipped into yours as he held it, and all faith of you not blushing went down the drain as you laughed sheepishly, falling backwards.

Yup. You're in love all right.


Due to an unexpected snowstorm, all groups are to be sent to their original islands, that is all.

You groaned at the message and shivered, awkwardly huddling closer to Karkat, who, for once, didn't fidget. The helipcopter, after all, was tightly packed, and Nepeta, as always, was sleeping, her head on Todd's shoulder. Not that he would notice, he was asleep too. You thought they were cute together, in a way. They were both short and loved nature and animals, and their favorite colors were similar, though Todd also liked pink a lot.

The helicopter landed on Ilium Island, which thudded everyone awake, combined with all the snow and---

"FUCKING GOG-" Karkat landed face-first into the snow and you fell with him. You pulled your face up and saw it left a beautiful mark in the snow. Somehow you managed a chuckle and dusted off the snow-covered Karkat. He sneezed, and literally his breath fogged and froze in mid-air. You didn't know whether to expect it or not, but it was red. Falling into the snow with a soft little noise as if you had just half-slurped and half-bitten soft frozen lemonade, the breath went.

Todd jumped into the snow with a small wail at how cold it was. You had packed on the lairs, so a small smirk crossed your face and you trudged through the snow and tripped over a rock. Todd had the smirk now, and the two of you laughed, smiling idiotically.

"COME ON NEPETA, WHEN WE GET IN IT'LL BE WARMER THAN THIS FUCKING-- ACHOO- H-HELICOPTER." Karkat shuddered, and you spun around, trudging back to him and pulling him by the arm.

"C'mon Karkat, we'll be there in a minute. Todd, g-get Nepeta." you sniffled, and expected a yell of defiance from Karkat, but he said nothing.

Around an hour later, the four of you were back at Hot Spring Heights, warming in the hot water, despite the below freezing temperatures surrounding the rocks. Nepeta was the most hesitant, wincing at the water at first, but she eased into it.

Eventually, Aradia somehow arrived with a few blue fossil rocks. She casted them aside once she noticed the group and darted off into the changing zone, soon coming back as she cannonballed into the water, splashing everyone. Karkat growled but somehow managed a chuckle. At that point, you realized he was holding your hand.

Oh boy oh boy, there's that blush again!

"aHERRRRM." you cleared your throat and Karkat got the message, dropping your hand with a blush of his own.

"Wow guys, it really is warm in here, isn't it? I mean, even Karkat's face is red!" Aradia chuckled and Karkat's face got even redder. "So, how are you, Nepeta?"

"I'm fine." Nepeta purred, splishing around in the water some more. "How're your viviosaur thingies?"

"They're really good, I'm glad they're well trained by me, too. They just can't go in this water, they're fine in their dino medals." Aradia mused, smiling at Todd. "Also, are you two a thing?" she rose her eyebrows and wiggled them a small bit, earning a laugh from the five of you all. "What about you and Karkat, ___?" Aradia smirked lightly and you gasped, casually sinking under the water.

"What does that mean~?" Todd teased, chuckling.

"IT MEANS (S)HE'D RATHER DROWN THEN ANSWER ARADIA'S QUESTION, YOU FUCKING RETARD. SAME HERE, HONESTLY." Karkat sank down too, and you could hear Nepeta and Todd giggle and high-five.

You didn't quite know why, but you actually did want to drown. You had always been optimistic and bit of a smart-ass sarcastic, but honestly, you did feel horrible. Between some of your friends becoming traitors  the getting yelled at and slugged around and the being made fun of by your own moirail, this was horrid. You kept on sinking, sinking, sinking, until you managed to hit the bottom of the warm pool that you wanted to disappear into.

The thoughts of bad things kept going into your mind and you started crying harshly. You had never cried, not publicly, at least. In fact, you've only cried once in public, besides now. Who was it that saw you? ...Karkat. Karkat is the only person, er, troll, who has EVER seen you cry. Sure, you've sobbed at school due to pressure, but who hasn't?

Speaking of Karkat, you saw him out of the corner of your eye, his cheeks puffed up with oxygen as he found you. He swam towards you, which made you realize how big this hot spring actually was. You tried to look at him, but the water was strong. Dizziness crept over you and you felt your mouth gape open as a strange, very, very strange sense of peace wash over you as Karkat neared you.







The peace ended, and you blanked out.


Voices echoed all around you.

You weren't imagining them, either.

Were you...?

'Oh gog, what happened again?'

You can't quite remember, but it's cold. Very cold. Dreadfully cold. And you can hear voiced, but can't open your eyes. Are you dead? C'mon now, wake up! Maybe this is a nightmare, just wake up!

"____?" Karkat! You eyes flung open and you gasped for air, sitting up only to bonk your forehead against his. You groaned and sank back down. You let your eyes gaze around the area, and spotted everyone. Well, not everyone, but pretty much all the trolls except for Eridan, Kanaya, and Gamzee.

"Hey ___, you alright?" Todd asked, frowning slightly.

"Where am I?" you grumbled, rubbing your forehead.

"Hot Spring Heights. Just, not at the Hot Spring." the circle of everyone cleared as Nepeta darted forward with an exasperated look on her face.

"! Mew're awake ___!"

"I don't need to be told again." you spat, resting your head on a pillow.

"Why did you even go underwater? We were just playing around..." Aradia sighed as Sollux hugged her. "We were worried."

"Bad thoughts, okay?" you mumbled. "I just wanna rest..."


Arguments flung between the two lowbloods, and the only thing you did was close your eyes. Sleep flooded over you as you remembered something. You didn't slip into the water willingly...

Someone pulled you under! Someone wanted this to happen!

But who?

Jolting awake again, you grabbed Todd's wrist. "SOMEONE DROWNED ME!" you yelped as everyone turned their attention to you, eyes wide.

"WHO THE FUCK WOULD DO THAT?!" Karkat sneered, crossing his arms.

"It has to be Ampurra, Kanaya, or Gamzee." Nepeta blinked. "They're the only ones not here."

"Oh my glub! This is horribubble! Poor ___!" Feferi whined, frowning. "I don't think Eridan did it, and Gamzee's been very chill lately..."

"But Kanaya?" Tavros tilted his head. "Did she even come with us here?"

"Good question..." Feferi let out a sigh. "Okay, Tavros, Terezi, let's go search Ribular for Gamzee. Uh, Sollux, Aradia, Vriska, go look around Cranial Isle for Kanaya. Nepeta, Karkat, Equius, stay here and look after ____. Todd, uh, do whatever-"

"Gee, thanks." Todd pouted. "Oh, I know! Nepeta, come with me! We can get Joe!"

"Great idea!" Nepeta purred, grabbing Todd's other wrist, which for some reason you forgot to let go of, and pulled him away from everyone else as she streaked away in a blur, followed by everyone else.

"I can't believe this is happening..." you groaned, before whimpering a small bit.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine..." Equius smiled at you, which made you feel a bit better. "Though I must admit, it is very peculiar to find that someone would purposely drown you..." aaaand that better feel just went away.

Hours seemed to pass, and you and Karkat talked as Equius kept guard. Eventually the helicopter arrived, but flew away after realized there were only three people, not ten.

"We're back!" Todd puffed as he ran over, Nepeta walking aside him. "Joe alerted everyone to keep on watch, so it should be good. Aradia's sad though, because Joe also canceled the cup..."

"Nooo." you whined. "She needs this!"

"Well, he did say it'll be back on when this mystery is over with, and-"

"Do you hear that?" You heard soft whispers, and you cupped your hand over your ear. Equius and Karkat weren't next to each other, and neither was Nepeta, so it wasn't anyone in the room. "Sounds like...Eridan!" everyone gasped, and Nepeta, using her stealth quickness, ran out of the cave shelter and came back later, face flushed olive.

"Th-they have Aradia! And Sollux and Vriska!" Nepeta squeaked.

"WHO?" Karkat growled.

"Eridan and Cole! A-and Gamzee and Kanaya..."

Everyone ran outside, and surely enough, who Nepeta mentioned was there, Cole in front.

"Well well well, look who found me. Cat's out of the bag, hm?" Cole lifted up a toy mouse, and Nepeta's tail pricked. "One hundred percent catnip, even the skin." he blinked, smirking.

"Don't do it Nepeta." you bit your lip, but Nepeta launched herself onto Cole, shaking around the mouse as it got into her mouth.

"Nepeta!" Equius growled, swinging his fist out at Cole, who royally got knocked out.

"Get them!" Eridan sneered, but somehow, through all the madness, time almost stopped. Everyone except for you and Karkat, doubled over with pain.

"I don't understand anything anymore." You whined, and looked up to see Feferi with a tranquil gun in her hands.

"Called for!" she chirped, jumping off the helicopter and landing next to you. "Everyone's going to be fine, okay ___? Just head to the Ilium center and sleep. You too, Karkat." Karkat almost ruefully nodded and held your hand.

No blushing, no objecting. The two of you walked through the snow to the center, and sat on your bed.


You giggled, though it hurt to even speak, due to the water still in your throat. "This doesn't answer who drowned me, though."

"I BET IT WAS ERIDAN." Karkat shrugged.

"Yeah..." you yawned, and fell back next to Karkat, snuggling close to him.

~*~The next night~*~

You, Todd, Karkat, Nepeta, and Feferi were around a bonfire, looking at the stadium screen from afar. Aradia was winning her final match.

Earlier, Eridan, Gamzee, and Kanaya were sent to the island's jail system for plotting to end the cup and trying to kill people. Turns out that Gamzee and Kanaya were trying to kill Sollux and Vriska, for some reason. And yes, Eridan DID try to drown you. Figures? Maybe.

"You know, even though this whole thing is weird, and we've only been here a week, it's been fun." you smiled at Karkat, and he chuckled.

"Yeah, especially when Karkat slapped Eridan, that was funny!" Todd laughed along with Feferi and Nepeta, who still had her catnip mouse.

"I cant believe how tasty this is!" she purred, batting it between her hands.

"Believe it sister." Todd chirped, petting her head as Nepeta purred louder and nuzzled his arm.

"I knew you two were a thing." you mused and they laughed.

"I saw it coming!" Feferi smirked and the five of you laughed.

"HEY LOOK." Karkat pointed to the screen and Aradia had won the cup.

"She won!" you smiled. "She did it, she really won the cup guys!" you all cheered and gave out high fives as fireworks shot across the sky. Lovely thing an aurora was happening at the same time, it was pretty.

Nepeta and Todd hugged as Feferi ran down the hill you all were on.

"I'll be back later guys!" she called and you all waved bye.

"WANNA KNOW WHAT ELSE SOMEONE WON?" Karkat coughed and eyed you.

"What?" you tilted your head and Karkat suddenly kissed you full of the lips. Blushing, you laughed and chuckled a lot. "Waaait, don't finish thaaat." everyone erupted with laughter as the sky blossomed with the red and purple fire works, cheers even escaping from the stadium as Karkat kissed you again.

Well, guess some things do have happy endings.

'Cept for hipsters.

Just for those who want it as one, or aren't watching ~Erinep-Writes-Stuff

k so this has no fancy text from left to right or italics or anything
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Only one thing I didn't find good for the story...
Kanaya and Gamzee are two of the nicest trolls... They wouldn't kill anyone
(Except when gamzee is sober)

Over all though it was my ALL TIME fave fanfic :)

Good thing is Karkat wasn't very OOC, u got most of their typing quirks, Hipsters got jailed. :) you really should write another :)

Eridan is also a perv so he would try 'something' when the reader got drowned...

I'm also really glad that Aradia won :D!!
And now I ship NepTodd xD
Feferi seemed badass with a tranquil gun lol
Good story though
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