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“Game Over.” The screen read as you let out a half sigh, half snort of disgust. You only had five coins left, so this wasn’t going over quite well. You also had a twenty dollar bill, so could get more, but those coins were supposed to be for your date, Nepeta. Though honestly, this was more of a ‘you time’ than a ‘spending time with Nepeta’.

“C’mon Pac-Man.” You griped, inserting another coin. Much to your dismay, the coin came back out, so you decided to leave the ‘classic gaming’ section of the local Dave and Busters you wandered in to. Looking around, you noticed Tavros and Vriska. You were on a double date, and Dave tagged along merely because he wanted the irony in him being in his own place.

“Oh, uh, hey ___.” Tavros smiled shyly at you as Vriska dumped a bunch of tickets into a container, smirking as the number 1,350 came up.

“Sup.” Dave nodded at you and Vriska just sat there, laughing.

“That’s just enough for what I wanted!” she crowed. “Hey, ___, and Tavros, you can get a candy bar or whatever, I’m getting my prize.” With a smirk, Vriska left the other three of you standing there.

“What does she want?” you quirked an eyebrow.

“A magic 8 ball stuffed spider.” Tavros smiled, taking fifty tickets. “I’m getting a cat shaped candy dispenser.”

“Cute.” You murmured, looking around. “Hey, have you seen Nepeta?”

“She’s over there.” Tavros pointed across the giant room, Nepeta was near the Spin and Win, staring into a fish tank.

“She wants a fish.”

You said, repressing a sigh as you walked over. The sign on the tank said that a fish was 300 tickets. And you had…zip.

If there was ever any time where you really hated old fashioned games, it would be now.

“Hey Nepeta!” you said casually, popping your hands in your pockets and trying to look cool.

“Oh! Hiya ___!” Nepeta chirped, purring. “Look at this fishy! Its olive!” her tail swayed as her eyes darted to wherever the fish went.

“It’s three-hundred tickets, so…” you murmured, shrugging.

“Oh- how many do mew have?” she tilted her head and you bit your lip.


“What did you do with your tokens?” Nepeta gasped, frowning.

“Pac-man.” You said hurriedly, blushing out of the awkwardness.

Nepeta kept a straight face for about two seconds before letting out an annoyed hiss, jabbing her hand in your pocket and ripping out the twenty dollar bill and your power card, rampaging over to the charge station.

Man, you SUCK. Sorry.

You had to run, but you caught up with her, frowning and doing the charging yourself.

“I’ll get you tickets Nepeta, trust me. You will get that fish!” you nodded your head fiercely but Nepeta grumbled and darted off to talk to Vriska. Tavros appeared behind you.

“Hi,,” he said, smiling. That surprised you and you spun around and jumped back.

“AH- I mean, hey Tavros.” You laughed awkwardly. “I need your help. You got those tickets for Vriska, right?”

“Yup!” he giggled.

“What did you play?” you whined, looking around the arcade.

“Uh, mostly Spin and Win and Slam a Winner Extreme. Why?”

“Nepeta wants a fish.” You explained.

“Won’t she just, you know, eat it?” he deadpanned.

“She WANTS it though, and I don’t want to be a bad date.”

“Ah, I see! Well then yeah, try Slam a Winner Extreme. That’s a good game!”

You darted off to find the game, and a boy was at it. You waited impatiently behind him, knees shaking. Eventually the kid groaned loudly and kicked the machine, stomping off.
Your credits were at 12, so you did nothing but walk up to it. The game had a strange meteor falling background, but you ignored it. Lowest you could win was two tickets, and the jackpot was 600. Wow, this is a good game. You wondered what the ‘slam’ part of the game was, but you looked down, and a red button was flashing, saying ‘hit when lit!’ That settled that. Making a fist, you slammed it down on the red button, and down came a huge bouncy ball from a pipe. Your eyes lit up as it bounced all around, but you groaned when it landed in the two things.

Apparently, the number two really likes you. All twelve of your credits landed in the two hole, so you rubbed your temples in frustration. Someone behind you cleared their throat, and you turned around awkwardly, blushing again. “Sorry.” You squeaked, taking your tickets and running off. What was that other game Tavros mentioned? Spin and Win, that thing. Your eyes flickered to the giant lit up wheel, with another huge button. You shrugged, walking over to it and swiping your card. Ten credits from your card for one spin. Well, hope it’s worth it.

You pulled down on a lever and watched as a lit up panel spun around the wheel, your eyes focused on the one-thousand ticket spot. There it was! Upon slamming on the button, the spot next to the 1,000 lit up, flashing a mere twenty tickets. This, by far, was NOT your day.

“Hey there friend.” A girl next to you blinked and you gasped, flinching back. She was scarier then Tavros!

“Uh, howdy.” You greeted awkwardly.

“You need some tickets?” the girl locked eyes with you, and she had a…ghostly appearance.

“Oh, only two hundred fifty-six.” You grumbled, crossing your arms after putting the tickets into your container.

“Two fifty six?” the girl breathed, nodding her head. “Be right back.” She smirked and disappeared.

A few moments later she came back with her arms full of tickets. “Here you go.” She murmured, placing them neatly into your container with a smile. “Now, I want a cat candy dispenser.”

“Wha-?” you tilted your head. “Hey girl, I only got 300, not 350.”

“Hey buddy, it’s hard getting tickets.” She hissed. “The least you could do is win fifty more for a candy dispenser. I can’t win tickets, since I’m dead.”

“Then how did you get those?” you sighed.

“I can fly through anything. Like a thief.” She made a weird ‘ooo’ noise and waved her hands around. “Or you could thief from that guy.” She pointed at Tavros, who held the little cat toy in his hands, smiling at Vriska.

“No! Tavros is my buddy, I can’t do that!” you exclaimed.

“Then get me a cat dispenser or the tickets are mine.” The ghost girl growled. “I’ll be waiting.”

You stalked off, leering at the ground. ‘Get me the cat toy, get me the caaat toy.’  You mocked, walking back to the Slam a Winner Extreme.

Quickly, you swiped your card and casually slammed your fist on the button. Six tickets. Wow, improvement. The other two balls that your credit got you somehow equaled forty-four tickets.  Weird, fifty exactly. Your eyes flickered over to where the girl was last, but she wasn’t there. You took the tickets and went to the exchange. 350, the counter said. You got a cat candy dispenser, and right after you checked it out, a hand swiped it. The girl stood by the fish tank, the toy next to her as she put the olive fish in a small baggy. She tossed it to you, and you caught it with a smile. You walked over to her, grinning.

“Thanks for that!” you chirped, and she shook her head.

“No, thank YOU, ___.” She nailed your name perfectly, putting her hand on her forehead and doing a solider pose.

“Can I have your name?” you smiled more, but she shook her head again.

“Adios.” She said, disappearing again. She left the cat dispenser. You decided to leave it there, as even it had a ghostly glow. Glancing around, you tried spotting Nepeta, who was still with Vriska and Tavros, giggling. You cleared your throat, walking over there with somewhat of a stride.

“Hey ___.” Vriska finally greeted.

“Hey Vriska, Tavros, Nepeta.” You smiled, sitting next to the kitty-cat troll who looked at you worriedly.

“Did mew go play pac-man again?” she asked.

“Nope. Just the right games, with the help of some friends.” You smiled at Tavros, and you could’ve sworn you saw the ghost girl behind Tavros, who winked at you playfully. “I got you the fish.” You gave her the bag and Nepeta squealed.

“It’s even better in purrson!” she smiled.

“I wanna see!” Tavros swung his head, accidentally popping the bag and sending the fish flying in the air. Nepeta gasped, and the fish landed in her mouth, and she swallowed oddly. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” Tavros frowned and Nepeta just sat there, eyes wide.

Suddenly your container had a lot more tickets in it, and you let out a sigh of relief.

“Don’t worry Nepeta, I got this. There were a few more olive fish, and I think I got just enough.” You stood up, taking the container in one hand, and Nepeta’s in your other.

“Mew do?” she smiled hopefully at you.

“Yup.” You nodded enthusiastically. “I think that I can probably hit the jackpot in Slam a Winner Extreme too, if you wanna see.”

“Sure!” she chirped, and you quickly kissed her cheek.

“Right then. Shouldn't be too spooky.” You suppressed a laugh and continued on, looking at your own little spooky bluish glow, taking luck into your hands. No wonder you couldn't beat Pac-man, he’s the best after all.
/whispers/ I got Dave one line.

Also idek about the whole ghost girl and the ending.
I'm guessing that you're secretly the blue ghost (Blinky?) in Pac-Man---

But yeah!!

Nepeta, Tavros, Vriska, Dave to Hussie

You to you and maybe Pac-man idk

Ghost girl to me ok she's my oc-

Hey wow it'd be gr8 if you could watch me and look at my other fan fics!! And check out ~Erinep-Writes-Stuff for more stuff! 8D
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